About MTI Ltd.

Management and Training International (MTI) Limited is a world-class training management and consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It has several offices including in Dhaka, Bangkok and Toronto. The organization is managing and organizing customised overseas training, study tour, seminar, workshop and exposure visit programs under different ministries of Bangladesh. This is being done in collaboration with different renowned Universities, Training Institutions and many other Government and Non-Government organizations.

MTI Ltd. came into existence on 7 December 2006, and has more than 12 years experience in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) and professional skill development programs. It is a versatile firm with proven ability to work domestically and internationally in both the public and private sectors. The goal of our work is to support our clients' efforts to improve performance and achieve results. For MTI, it is not enough to merely provide services; we strive to have an impact on individual, team and organizational performances. We also extend all logistical supports including visa & ticketing services as well as full-time guide support. Besides, we organize local training programs for different Ministries of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB).

Scope of Work

Organizing Training Programs on Human Resource Management (HRM) and other themes as well as manage Study Tours at national & international levels; and undertaking Research Studies on different socio-economic issues and sectors.

Training/Study Tour/Exposure Visit/Workshop/Seminar

MTI competently manages holistic and innovative programs, creates space for professional development through active participation of trainees in a friendly learning environment, where they can learn and put new skills into practice. MTI concentrates on providing customised training programs to meet the specific needs of public and corporate organizations. Through this approach, a team can be trained and brought alive by doing practical work relevant for their organization, at a time and place that suits the needs of the organization.

Research & Consultancy

MTI has conducted a series of research studies for Governments, national and international agencies. There is a highly capable panel of qualified professionals for carrying out social, market and clinical research and consultancies. They are scattered all over the globe and combine experiences from both the private and international development sectors. All of them bring not only their expertise and research, but also individual styles, which we encourage and match to fit with the client’s professional needs and satisfaction.